Fast Ambient Occlusion Generator. Use your video card GPU to compute ambient occlusion really fast. Support both texture and per-vertex calculation.
Input scene can loaded from Wavefront OBJ or LightWave 3D object (*.LWO) files (future versions will allow to use more file formats).
Faogen itself uses hardware shadow mapping, floating-point render targets and OpenGL Shading Language to compute ambient occlusion data. This process is much faster than any CPU-based approach.
C++ library for integrating AO generation into your applications also available: Faogenlib.

With version 3 Faogen is moved to its own website: www.faogen.com

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Version: 1.7
File size: 1.05 MB
Single User License Price: $69.95
Site License Price: $399.95

system requirements

Make sure to use latest video card drivers.


getting started

See this tutorial to learn basics of Faogen.
Note: tutorial was made with version 1.0.
View Online manual.

version history

New in 2.0 preview version:

This version provide updated ambient aperture and bent normals shaders with ability to customize them. Other features include improved precision on large scale models, adjustable background for AO texture images, lighting animation control and few bugfixes.

New in 1.9 preview version:

Preview of new AO calculation feature: bent normals. It can be used in many dynamic lighting models from regular fixed-function lighting with bent normals to more advanced like ambient aperture lighting.

New in 1.7 version:

New in 1.6 version:

New in 1.5 version:

New in 1.4 version:

New in 1.3 version:

New in 1.2 version:

New in 1.1 version:

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